Credit report

Man discovers millions of dollars in debt mistakenly added to his credit report

Written by ESR news blog editor Thomas Ahearn A North Las Vegas, Nevada man who is a first-time homebuyer applying for a mortgage with his wife was shocked to see his “credit score just going down” and discovered that millions of dollars of debt had been mistakenly added to his credit report. , according to […]

Credit report

How to get your free credit report once a week

Photo: Studio WAYHOME (Shutterstock) Instead of paying for monthly credit monitoring, why not do it yourself? Normally, the three credit bureaus…Equifax, Experianand Trans Union— only offer one free credit report per year, but due to the pandemic, these same reports are available for free every week until April 2022. Where to get your free reports […]

Credit sales

A drop in Tesla’s regulatory credit sales could be devastating to its future profitability, strategist says

Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Tesla has depended on selling regulatory credits to other automakers for the bulk of its profits in recent years. But one automaker said it plans to stop buying credits from Tesla later this year once it hits its electric vehicle sales quotas. “The loss of this regulatory credit revenue […]