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Advocacy for Geothermal Tax Credit, Sales Tax Exemption

Providing a tax credit and sales tax exemption for geothermal heat pump systems will make the most efficient, carbon-free form of home heating more affordable for New Yorkers.

State Senators Tim Kennedy and James Sanders Jr., and Assemblyman Jon Rivera are sponsoring legislation that would do just that. Solar panels have benefited from the credit and the exemption for many years; geothermal too. The unanimous approval by the Assembly and the Senate in previous years indicates that lawmakers know the importance of these geothermal incentives.

We could really use some help in this area because Governor Kathy Hochul said buildings are New York’s biggest source of greenhouse gases. This is why it is essential to include the credit and the exemption in this year’s budget and to stimulate thousands of local and clean jobs in the process.

Geothermal heating and cooling is an essential tool for New York homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint. Geothermal systems exploit stable ground temperatures to increase their heating and cooling efficiency instead of burning fossil fuels in the home. Additional benefits include reducing the electricity needed on the hottest and coldest days when the demand on the grid, as well as the cost to consumers, is highest.

Let’s make these systems affordable so homeowners can consider the most efficient carbon-free heating and cooling system available today.

John Ciovacco

Aztec geothermal energy

Ballston Spa