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Telefy – One-stop credit score-oriented solution for Defi is ready to launch its revolutionary IoT

Telefy, the future of DeFi with a range of innovative products, will soon launch its presale in IDO, offering early investors the opportunity to invest in their project.

Even those who most doubt the emergence of cryptocurrency will certainly concede that the underlying blockchain technology and its future applications are compelling. Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a rapidly growing application of this technology. Decentralized finance is rapidly gaining popularity as a more secure, accessible and profitable alternative to traditional financial operations. DeFi, driven by blockchain technology, is described as financial solutions based on blockchain technologies that often use smart contracts. Smart contracts are automated legal agreements that do not require the intervention of an intermediary and are accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. However, DeFi is quite difficult to use. The user experience is very complicated and knowing how to interact with different DeFi protocols is not something that everyone can master. Here, Telefy – a one-stop credit score-focused solution for many current DeFi problems comes to the rescue.

Telefy is a credit score-focused decentralized multi-chain finance and NFT marketplace for all crypto enthusiasts, which creates a fantastic opportunity for its users to participate in all DeFi products available on Telefy. They have created breakthrough products like DEX, Tele PAD and TELE Score, the IoT launchpad for their users with simple options to stake their assets. The company is focused on driving innovations that deliver a better user experience and empower the next generation of electronic payments.

Telefy has a vision to provide a credit score for every wallet that connects to Telefy to validate creditworthiness to calculate APY in lending platforms. It also provides a one-stop solution to many current DeFi problems, such as lack of solvency, stranded liquidity, lack of diversification, unstable yield, and personal security. The platform allows users to lock their funds into their smart contracts. They can then lend, borrow using Tele score or let their funds grow in value through different financial mechanisms.

From Tele Swap, where users can trade coins, adding liquidity using AMM (Automated market maker) to Tele NFT, a multi-chain NFT marketplace where users can buy or sell NFT, the team from Telefy has created one-of-a-kind products to revolutionize the DeFi industry. Telefy offers a simple and powerful way to hold crypto assets and has just launched its massive $5 million airdrop bounty campaign.

Telefy is set to unveil a trustless system to provide a Tele score to each wallet to assess creditworthiness to determine the APY for each user of its Tele Lend platform. Additionally, the public Tele score API will be available for free, giving each lending platform the ability to provide APY using its Tele Score instead of just using the lending pool.

They have a unique surprise in store for their community, including a new way to fund projects, a new way to bet, and a whole new experience that will take people from profit to something bigger. In addition, they specialize in providing their users with a unique strategy, from inspiration to execution, through their market-leading advisory, investment, development and legal services. .

It provides users with a fully integrated experience by removing the friction associated with current platforms. Users can trade to earn, which creates a long-term environment in which new traders can learn about the activities that are driving the market. Visit their website to discover its potential.

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